Curt Hillfon -
The Artist of the Quarter Summer 2001 «

We visited Curt Hillfon´s studio on a beautiful summer day in the middle of August 2001. His studio is located in an old brewary.
Click on the pictures
below to view more pictures from our visit.

Klicka för att gå in i Curt Hillfons Ateljé
Above, the exterior of the studio. Click on the picture to see pictures from the interior.

Curt Hillfon spelar banjo
Above, Curt Hillfon is performing on his outdoor stage. Click on the picture to see more pictures.

Café Boule
Above, the opposite side of the exterior. Curt Hillfon has his own café - "Café Boule". Click on the picture to see more pictures from this view.

In Curt Hillfon´s biography there is more to read about his artistry -
Curt Hillfon´s Biography.

To view the limited edition prints that we have for sale:
Curt Hillfon´s artwork for sale

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